Accolade Conferment of Special Recognition Award of Diamond of Asia International

Dear Dr.J.Basheer,
Accolade Conferment of Special Recognition Award of Diamond of Asia International
We European Continental University (ECU) of State of Delaware, USA and our awarding panel UKCommission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) who are satisfied with your supporting documentations,
which you have submitted to one of our International Representative and Verifier Mr. Udhayaraja in
relation to ECU’s Superior Excellence Certification. Since receiving the personal recommendation by our
International Representative and Verifier, we can now confirm to your good self that it is our great pleasure
to confirm through this letter of ours that, you are a worthy person for the Special Superior Recognition
Award of Diamond of Asia International. At this juncture we wish to stress here that, this award is a NonTraditional, Non-Academic ECU’s special superior appreciation certification which is conferred upon you
for your extra curricula activities. This is considered under the scheme of Affirmation of Prior Experience
& Learning (APEL) as ECU is an International Knowledge University in association with UK-Commission for
Consistent Learning (UK-CCL).
This Diamond of Asia International is conferred to you, as you have satisfied the awarding panel with
your academic achievements, hands on work experience, skills and extra curricula activities and attending
the required number of verbal consultations. After taking into consideration of your vast knowledge and
your supportiveness to the business society, we as an awarding institution felt that you are special person
who totally deserve for this special superior recognition to boost your further image by way conferring
this Diamond of Asia International certification. We are pleased to state here that, our assessing and
verifying institution UK-CCL’s has accepted your supporting documents for you to earn the necessary
credit units based on their Professional Quality Management Standards which is to the quality level of
ISO 9001:2008.
Upon you confirming to us your total acceptance of our Knowledge Award, we will forward the said
Professional Knowledge Certification and other relevant documentation in pertaining to this award of
ours at our forthcoming convocation which to take place in Dubai 24th, April 2016 at the Deira Ballroom,
JW Marriott Hotel, Hemarain Centre, Dubai, UAE between 7PM to 11PM. Therefore, we will ask your
good self to contact the relevant representative of our university to reserve the place to attended the
convocation to receive your original certification as it is a very valuable appreciation for your Personal
Professional Development.