The ECU is main objective and practise is to offer their Professional Knowledge Degree Qualifications for anyone who is known as Licensed Working Person as they wish to become a qualified professional without going through the expensive, traditional class room route of an academic university. But the Vision of ECU being a Professional Knowledge Qualifications and the Founder Prof. Ralph Thomas wishes to state that they want to be known as a PENCIL, which will enable any working person who can achieve their goal to be elevate to Professional Status.

It is known widely that not all the working person can afford or spare time to achieve the required entry requirement to follow the Traditional University Academic Pathway to become qualified professional in their selected field of profession. It is also understood that, ECU has set up a pathway for all professions to follow the traditional hands on working learning scheme to qualify themselves in their selected field of working profession. There are some areas such as management, administration, hospitality, care, can be accessed through this route of work based learning, which is promoted by the ECU founders. If you consider most of today’s business magnetic entrepreneurs are not academically qualified but rather work oriented, practical persons. ECU’s mission is to take these individual achievements into account and confer the person with Professional Knowledge Qualification to appreciate them for their valuable achievement and contribution to the economic and business world of today.

In recent years, some modern traditional universities are taking the path of ECU in offering the Master Degree Qualifications without the traditional Bachelor Degree, which enable them to confer the Master qualification. ECU founders welcome the universities who have decided to take this professional route of offering their qualifications to working individuals, which will be supportive and appreciated. ECU founders’ philosophy is that class room learning along will not the only way to achieve a degree qualification. But ECU had setup the way for qualification is conferred upon a person has earned sufficient knowledge, who can demonstrate to others of their expertise. ECU founders’ firm notion is that to places emphasis of their awarding concept to be known, accepted and recognised by every Employers and Business Society. Therefore, everyone should earn their respective award from ECU this will ascertain that no one can categorise or assume that ECU is a degree mill.

As status ECU was conceived in collaboration with the UK Professional Body the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA), who is a non-profit, non-charted, quasi charity of Great Britain. This has permitted to come up with this prominent professional knowledge hands on work experience qualification for work experienced individuals. Certificates are bestowed based upon one’s experience i.e a proven track record in their field profession. ECU’s Certificates range from professional diplomas right up to professional doctorates.

The ethos behind this is that, while fresh graduates in the traditional sense have studied for a few years, they might and normally do lack work experience or have no proven track record. On the other hand there are operating successful businesses and are working as a professional and are experts. But do not posses paper endorsements of their knowledge like the young graduates of today. This particular gap is filled by ECU’s concept which will give recognition to those who have work knowledge, to better themselves in the business society. If you are interested, please email and ask for procedures in gaining this vital knowledge qualification. Once you have achieved it, you can also spread the word to your friends who may not know how they could elevate their professional status. As a good citizen, we must help each other in this tough economic society.