Welcome to ECU’s AlumniAlliance Services (AAS). The Founder Governors and Trustees have formulated the Alumni Alliance Services (AAS) as the network for all their graduates, current, past and all their academic and non-academic staff. Through alumni every person can share the experience of European Continental University. Alumni permits the person to maintain the relationship with the University and with every participant through offering a wide range of information and opportunities as well as benefits.

The determination and belief of Alumni Alliance Services (AAS) is to cultivate a spirit of allegiance and to encourage the general welfare of AAS. This Alliance exists to support the parent institution’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni members, the community, and the parent institutions management. To be a successful Alumnus, past pupils must be proud of their Alma-Mater with enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the Alliance’s activities. An Alliance can be a formal organization with officers, a set of objectives, subscriptions, a newsletter, and perhaps –though not necessarily – a constitution.An alumni Alliance concentration is relatively small, an informal Alliance nominally led by one or two individuals might gather socially from time to time. Whether or not the Alliance is formally structured, the key to success is the ability of its leaders to motivate others to join in. One person should be designated as the Alliance’s key point of contact and a few people willing to help with the organization of the Alliance need to be identified.


The Executive Governor General Prof. Ralph Thomas is very much delighted to state that, a Corporate Alumni Alliance is to be formed under the assistance of UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), who are the administrator, assessors and verifiers for number of awarding institutions. Namely European Continental University (ECU-USA),and Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) and UK Certified Knowledge Alliance (UKCKA). This networking task has taken up by UK=CCL because of their collaboration with listed awarding institutions. This Alumni Alliancewill be a subsidiary of UK-CCL and will work under the flagship UK-CCL ALUMNI ALLIANCE SERVICES (UK-CCL-AAS)

UK-CCL-AAS focuses on conducting Graduations, Convocations, Annual Reunions, Fund Raising, Development of Social Activities, Conducting Workshops and Seminars etc. at regular intervals.Due to the personal effort of the Executive Governing Board and Trustees of the all Professional Awarding Bodies, Prof. Ralph Thomas is proud to announce that from small beginningsit has advancedslowly but steadily and has now developed to be a worldwide network in assisting many individuals. Its heritage is one of strength, independence and commitment to the goal of candidates without boundaries and the betterment of the human condition. The Governing Board’s vision is its UK-CCL-AAS to be a distinctive group of world citizens with the means to become an instrumental part of effective change within their communities.

The Executive Council Members of UK-CCL-AAS are always interested to hear from every past candidate to be active alumni members and to help in setting up local chapters. Please let us know your strategy views and we will provide you with the full support you need to make your chapter a success. Please do not ask what your awarding bodies can do, rather do what you can with the vision and mission of your Alma-Mater.

Every person who is part of the dynamic UK-CCL-AAS will have the network on a worldwide scale. It is also supportive in participating with UK-CCL-AAS’s Convocation, Seminars & Conferences which will Increase everyone’s personal and professional network of acquaintances and contacts in many ways.Every member, by contributing their own speciality by taking the leadership in organising regional and local meetings, assist in developing leadership skills workshops, charity training facilities for disadvantaged people to benefit via local and regional chapters will be a very remarkable contribution for the development of the Entrepreneurial mission. As UK-CCL-AAS is fully dedicated in promoting Professional Knowledge Qualifications and Membership for Non-Academic working persons as a leader in progressive independent facilitators of Professional Knowledge Qualifications.

UK-CCL-AAS welcomes any individual or organisations that are willing to assist with donations to lend a hand in its assignment to support the needy of today in order to enhance their career prospectus. As a private, independent Alliance and international non-governmental organization, we do not collect any state funds and our revenue is completely derived from our own incentive and private sources.We endeavour to continue our expansion with practical applicability, local events and carry on to build up and innovate in all aspects of our Alliance.

UK-CCL-AAS Management wishes to stress that any donations received will be absorbed in general furtherance of the Alliance assignment. Over all UK-CCL-AAS appreciate any cash gifts, donations of stock, real estate, securities and trust income. UK-CCL-AAS gives special importance to those who keep in mind in their Last Will, and can help you word an appropriate inheritance. Donors are regularly recognized by the UK-CCL-AAS in an open and enduring system when they wish, though we also respect the decision of some to stay on unidentified. UK-CCL-AAS is being given the full responsibility and authority to handle the Graduation ceremony; we want every graduate to be proud to be involved in assisting to organise the event in a glamorous manor by their personal involvement. The success is dependent on the Alumni members support and contributions.

The Founder & Executive Governor General Prof. Ralph Thomas wishes to reiterate the famous saying by late John F Kennedy who was the President of United States of America, “do not ask what your country can do rather what you can do for the country” this will remind all of us that we all should be proud of our Alma-Mater and must render our support to make it known as a worthy institution.Come and be a part of it to enjoy the benefits And Share your success proudly with your acquaintances!!!

Please read the following points to motivate why you should be part of UK-CCL-AAS.