Step One

The Candidates have to follow the learning path schemes, namely the Accreditation of Career Progress Development (ACPD) or Affirmation of Prior Learning and Experience (APEL). (Methodology:-Assignments, Project Work, Workshops, Seminar or Oral Examination Scheme).
These are schemes that stimulate candidates differently from other traditional orthodox universities. The candidates will have to satisfy the requisites before they are deemed to have passed or attained completion of the ECU’s learning programmes. The learning programmes of the ECU are a dual process and candidates are also measured to see if they qualify for the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA) Eminent Certified Membership. This takes the candidates to step two.

Step Two

If the candidate wishes to take the route to follow the ECU learning programme, he/she will enrol for a dual programme which is jointly offered by the ECU and the CEA. The strength of the ECU learning programme, where the UK is concerned, is that a long-established UK professional educational institution is jointly monitoring the progress of the candidate. The candidate has to satisfy this dual monitoring concept as the candidate will receive the CEA Eminent Membership along with ECU Professional Knowledge degree Qualification. This joint monitoring method will raise the ECU qualification to a professional standard more than even a traditional route due to this dual process. The CEA is a unique international professional body incorporated in Great Britain as a non- profit quasi charity professional body. To learn more information about CEA, visit the website ( Upon the successful completion of this dual process, candidate’s results are forwarded to an independent assessment organisation UKCCL, which brings into focus step three.

Step Three

ECU candidates are assessed, examined, and verified by UK-Commission for Consistent learning (UK-CCL). This gives the ECU candidate the privilege of obtaining an Equivalency Certification issued by UK-CCL and this additional confirmation will strengthen the ECU award of Professional Quality Management Standards. As UK-CCL is an ISO 9001:2008 approved professional educational institution of Great Britain. To find out more about UK-CCL, visit the website (www.ukccl.institiute)