Worthiness of Testimonials

The Executive Board of Governors firmly believe that accreditation should come from the well-wishers and the alumni members, as they know the concept and the value of ECU qualifications. written testimonials influence our actions and choices in immeasurable ways, sometimes without even thinking about them. Even more powerful than these “Professional Testimonials”, however, are those that come from trusted personal contacts. In business, before people come to your organisation for a product or service, they often want the comfort of knowing what others have said about you. Those references by written or spoken word about you and your work performance; quite frequently, a testimonial can clinch the new candidates who are looking for similar endorsements for their work experience. Testimonials carry a level of credibility because they come from someone who has direct experience with your concept and worthiness of your unique services. Consumers generally place more trust in a testimonial from another consumer than in a business’s own marketing message. They believe that the average person is unbiased and has nothing to gain from providing a testimonial. The business stands to gain—or lose—everything, so its own words are less trustworthy. Although most businesses are truthful with their customers, it’s not hard facts but rather consumers’ perceptions that drive their decisions.

The past pupil of ECU must be proud and delighted to give a testimonial of their “ALMA MATER” as they have gained the benefit with the qualifications.

One more thing: Remember the law of reciprocity? It works here too.

Deputy Chief Minister (2010), State of Tamil Nadu, India
My name is M.K. Stalin and I am the Deputy Leader of the oldest party of Tamil Nadu known as DMK . It is my great pleasure to give a testimonial of my Alma Mater who conferred me with the highest award of the university theHonourary Doctorate in Political Management. The conferring ceremony took place in Great Britain at one of the oldest and prestigious venues: “Imperial College of University of London” in the presence many highly distinguished guests and professional academicians. This high award was affirmed to me by the highest official of the university Professor Ralph J Thomas. This is award was showered on me due to my personal wealth of knowledge in the Political Management which is over thirty-five years of experience. Attending this graduation ceremony in London was one of the most remarkable and unforgettable moments of my personal life. My Party leader and my family were very proud of this affirmation to me. Therefore, I am indebted to my Alma Mater and without any reservation I recommend anyone to join my Alma Mater in enhancing their career by gaining appropriate Work Based Professional Knowledge Qualifications.
M.K. Stalin (Doctorate in Political Management) Deputy Chief Minister (2010), State of Tamil Nadu, India
It is a great pleasure and privilege to show my personal appreciation to my Alma Mater, European Continental University (ECU) of Delaware, USA. In my personal opinion, ECU is a unique professional knowledge university focusing on working professionals like us to enhance our professional image in the workplace and public arena. To earn a knowledge degree qualification, you do not need the classroom environment, but you must have experience and understanding to confirm your ability. This is the aim and objective of ECU. This is the main reason for me to choose ECU for my highest award of Doctor Philosophy other going into state and traditional universities. The vision of ECU is to earn the qualification rather than awarding on a platter. My 24 years Senior Management Position will confirm my eligibility of my achievement. Add to that my dissertation and my oral examinations have given me the worthy Work Based Professional Doctor of Philosophy. I appreciate every step I took to gain this admirable qualification.
Dr. Sh. Bin Mohammad Al Khalifa Commander of Royal Military Police, Kingdom of Bahrain
I desired to follow the ECU’s scheme Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) to gain professional knowledge work-based doctor of business administration, as I am a born business entrepreneur. I have achieved many business successes and came out with the vision of international school and provided for hundreds of students the opportunity of academic success. I was very pleased by the method of ECU assessment which gave me the opportunity of gaining a worthy professional qualification in certifying my lifelong business success. I was incredibly pleased to attend their oral examination confirm my knowledge and expertises to the.
Dr. Ali Kunhalil (DBA) Chairman Al Noor International School. Kingdom of Bahrain
I am a person who has over thirty years of hands on work experiences in the Air Line Catering and Hotel Management. I have over twenty years as General Manager for three, four-star hotels in Middle East counties. I have conducted workshops and seminars for my own staff and some holding high managerial positions in the hotel industry. “I felt with my working knowledge and training, I deserve a professional recognition. Through my business associate I came to know the ECU and I chose to follow their scheme of Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) which has been design for very matured candidate like. I followed it and gained my worthy certification of Professional Knowledge MBA. I admire their assessment procedure and verification by oral examinations. I feel it is worthy of gaining the qualification from ECU and I recommend to others who are in my predicament. The program provided me with a solid foundation of core business skills and gave me an opportunity to show my employer what I am capable of.
Ms Zouhair Farhat MBA in Hotel Management General Manager – Al Dana Hotel Management, Kingdom of Bahrain
I was in the educational sector for quite number of years and have followed number educational and professional programme, by attending classroom lectures, workshops and seminars. I never dreamt that my hard work would assist me in gaining credits to shorten to earn a doctorate qualification. ECU’s concept is very remarkable one, as it has helped my dream to come true. The dissertation concept of putting my day to day work into a written thesis and their oral examination to verify my ability is extraordinary one. I am incredibly happy about the professional knowledge degree that I received. Since I do have a lot of experience but not enough time to attend university in the traditional method, the ECU program gave me the opportunity to upgrade myself, my business and gave my clients more confidence in my abilities.
Dr. Tamer Victor of Republic of Egypt Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Director Alex Book Centre, Egypt.
As a person, I have followed many academic programmes and have earned necessary credit units which could be converted to master level, but ECU’s Work Based Professional Knowledge Degree Qualification came my way to fulfil my yearning. Why I chose ECU due to the fact they did accept my previous learning and my hands-on work experience to shorten my time and gave me an option to worked Based dissertation to gain my Professional Knowledge MBA which I totally deserve, as I own and lead academic training centres in my own country with the governmental approval. The top reason why I chose ECU, it was helping me to gain a master degree which to help me in my business career path and a recognition to boost my image in the professional world of economic. Everything went well from beginning to end with the support from the professional academic advisors were tremendous and I appreciate the Viva examination style. I am incredibly happy that I chose ECU professional knowledge degrees to accomplish my career goals.
Nawaf Al Jishi of Bahrain, Master of Business Administration Chairman & Managing Director, Business Excellence Group, Bahrain
Many institutions utilize accelerated learning, cohort, cluster, and other innovated programs to reach and meet individual student needs. ECU's professional knowledge degree program assessment and verification process utilized my educational and professional achievements, which included courses, seminars, workshops, work-study, and on-the- job training programs. My Professional Knowledge MBA's conferment and award was based upon evaluations of my accomplishments, many of which have exceeded the content, format, and substance of many traditional degree programs' criteria. An oral examination was excellent method to examination rather than answering five questions in classroom environment.
Mr Upali Rupasinghe of Sri Lanka Master of Business Administration, Project Manager – Etisalat Sri Lanka
In my personal opinion a persons of my academic nature, definitely must consider the ECU's Professional Doctor of Knowledge Programme. It was a great journey for me. It allowed flexibility for me to continue working, continue my career, continue the family life that I had in place, and not jeopardize any of those entities while I continued my learning path. It was a real win-win for me in the Professional Doctor of Knowledge Programme. It made me to pen it down my daily activities of my all career achievements on a format of dissertation, which was brilliant, and it made me focus how to make further progress of my current working pattern. I would recommend it to anyone as the ECU program surpassed all my expectations as classroom academician.
Dr. Muhammod Pallikkandy, PhD Graduate Managing Director, Al Noor International School, of Kingdom of Bahrain
ECU’s Work Based Professional Knowledge Degree programs are not only ‘top notch’ professionally but they are highly relevant in today’s business world. The ECU's award is values of excellence, quality Assessment concept for busy working individuals like me, taking into account of my prior learning and hands on experience to give me credits towards my qualification and their oral examinations brought out my knowledge to a high level which I never excepted that I have within me. This vision of ECU is the right combination for producing tomorrow's skilled business leaders like me.
Mr Bobby Sivapatham of United Kingdom Master of Business Administration, Managing Director Rhino Group UK
One of the main reasons why I wanted to pursue with ECU my MBA knowledge degree was to make others including my employer to believe that, class room learning alone will not give me the necessary confidence of my knowledge in business, the ECU assessment methodology gave me the merit in gaining my long desire recognition of achieving a reputable Professional MBA what I totally deserve. I was lacking proper credentials and ECU helped me to achieve my goals.
Mr Athula Madabawita of Sri Lanka Master of Business Administration, Regional Manager – Etisalat Sri Lanka
My goal of gaining Professional Knowledge MBA was realized through ECU because they took into account of my prior experience and learning. When you think about it, this combination of professional education and real-life workforce experience is an awesome combination. Taking the knowledge from education and combining it with the sweat of the brow. It is the best of both worlds in my personal opinion. I was taken up with the oral examinations to examine my worthiness for this award.
Mr Rajakaruna Wanigasekara of Sri Lanka Master of Business Administration, Manager Network Operations – Etisalat Sri Lanka
My employer has definitely noticed an improvement in me since I have been in the program. I've been more organized and had more creative ideas. I've used our branch team a lot more in decision making and we've done different things with our employees. I think they've noticed that we've just done a lot of different things since I started the program. The ECU Knowledge based qualification has boosted my personal image to a professional level in my employment circle.
Mr Reza Rafeek of Sri Lanka Master of Business Administration, Manager Altayyar Group Saudi Arabia
I am a Jordanian and working in Dubai and am very proud to give my personal approval to the ECU qualification without any doubt to anyone who is seeking like me to endorse their work experience into a Professional Knowledge Qualification. Because by gaining this qualification my employer not only gave me a rise in my pay but they also promoted to me to a managerial level. Even my family is happy of me now as I have got a degree qualification to boost my personal image. What more than this can you expect from ECU. Come join and motivate yourself and others in gaining a reputable Professional Knowledge Qualification.
Mr. Wessam F Al Dweik (Bachelor of Marketing Management) AW Rostamani Holding Group, Arabian Automobile & Co, Dubai.
I am Khairul Alam Bhuiyan , a Bangladeshi who has successfully completed my Bachelor (BSc) and Masters (MSC) in Bangladesh with work experience in the field of Information Communication Technology over 7 years of practical professional experience in the field of Information Technology where in the early years of my career, I have significantly contributed to the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Bangladesh in the capacity of Computer Engineer and Network Engineer. Notably I was put in charge of the head of the Technology Department. I have contributed my personal knowledge and expertise to the D8 Summit that was held at the Hotel Sheraton in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Amongst my other significant works are setting up Local Area Networks, web designing, software development and providing IT courses for working professionals. I anted to further my career in London and through my friends I came to know about one, popular practical oriented academician Professor Ralph Thomas, with his help and assistance I was able to achieve my dream of gaining my doctorate qualification with European Continual University of Delaware, USA. I submitted my thesis in the area of New Tools in Cryptography. I am very much proud of my university and the qualification what I have achieved in my life, which money cannot replace. I am very proud of it and I want others to join our university and gain qualifications which will definitely boost your career. Please visit youtube.com under the name of Khairul Alam Bhuiyan, you can witness my awarding ceremony and you too will want to be like me soon. I wish you all well. Currently I am a Director of UNITED SOLUTIONS (UK) LIMITED in London. The Professional Knowledge Qualification from ECU has helped me tremendously. I wish others also to follow the same to improve their career prospects.
Dr. Khairul Alam Bhuiyan London
The Executive Board of Governors of ECU who are very proud of this specific r MBA graduate, who has attended three verbal consultations with our Honorary Deputy Vice Chancellor and submitted his credential to earn this unique Knowledge Qualification. This professional recognition has given him career development. He is one of the good example and limelight person of the ECU’s recognition. Mr. Dillip Rajakarier has been the Chief Executive Officer of Minor Hotel Group Limited since October 4, 2011. Mr. Rajakarier has been an Acting Chief Executive Officer of Oaks Hotels & Resorts Limited since June 1, 2011. Mr. Rajakarier served as the Chief Operating Officer of Minor Hotel Group Limited until October 4, 2011. Mr. Rajakarier oversees the strategic direction, operations and business development of the hotel management division. He joined Minor Hotel Group Limited in 2007 as Chief Finance & Investment Officer. Prior to joining Minor Hotel Group, Mr. Rajakarier served as Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Orient-Express Hotels, Trains & Cruises. Mr. Rajakarier has been a Director of Oaks Hotels & Resorts Limited since May 26, 2011. He serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of Director of Minor International Public Company Limited and of Minor Hotel Group Limited. Mr. Rajakarier has a strong hotel and finance background. Minor Hotel Group Limited offers hotel management services. It was formerly known as Royal Garden Hotel Management Limited. The company is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Minor Hotel Group Limited operates as a subsidiary of Minor International PCL
Mr. Dillip Rajakarier Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

ECU Knowledge Qualifications has the edge over other private universities of USA because it is evolved from a 1981 UK Non-Charted Professional Body and it endorses the award by facilitating with their Exceptional Eminent Certified Membership, which others do not offer at this moment in time. It is another unique quality of ECU Lifelong Occupational Knowledge Qualifications, which enriches every working individual with their respective Career Development and uplift them to a reputable professional status.