The Framework for Higher Education Qualification in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (FHEQ), do include self-certified as compatible with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area, the qualifications framework adopted as part of the Bologna Process, in February 2009. Traditional and Academic Theory Qualifications are monitored, supervised by Quality Assurance Agency(QAA) which came into effect in 1997.The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) came forth with Foundation Degrees,Lifelong Learning and Skills by way of Council Curriculum Examination and Assessment, (CCEA) in the year of to replace the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) in the year of 2001.
It is officially known fact that only the University can confer degree qualifications which is above Level Six. Being a university at the time of incorporation they have the legal power to develop their own learning programmes and award their own degree qualification with the determine the conditions on how they are awarded, such as Learning, Examining, Assessment and Verification in accordance to the State Government Educational Policies. As an alternative option Vocational Hands on Occupational Lifelong Learning with the Assessment and Verification Policies of Assignments, Workshops, Seminars, Oral Examination to determine the Knowledge Ability and the award is considered as the Professional Degree Qualifications. The awarding institutions must have their own awarding policies and must maintain Internationally Accepted and Creditworthy Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS).In order to confer Lifelong Occupational Degree Qualification must incorporate in accordance to respective government polices as an University. This must be adhering at all time to award any Degrees, as University only has the authority to confer degree qualifications either Formal or Non-Formal Learning Degrees. It is made clearly known that, Formal Academic Degrees are awarded by State Government Owned or Approved Universities. The Non-Formal Degrees are offered either by Distance, or online or workshop and Seminar oriented Awarding Policies and must state as the Professional Degrees to identify the learning methodology.