The Founder Trustees and Governors of ECU wishes to emphasise that, the Vision, Mission and Objective of their incorporation license is to be a Knowledge University dedicated for matured working individuals to elevate them to a Professional Status by conferring Work Oriented Professional Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Degrees along with Highest Eminent Memberships Qualifications. ECU’s Founder Trustees and Governors from the date of formation has made clear categorically to every person concern that ECU is not a USA or UK Traditional Red Brick University, rather it is a Non-Traditional, No Boundary, Open Lifelong Learning International Work Oriented Knowledge University. The university governs and manages itself by its own rules & regulations and has their own categories of awards and recognition. When you realistically ponder over today’s competitive business world, we get our most important and valuable talented entrepreneurs not through orthodox academicians but rather through the individual’s work experience. Education alone will not give you the entrepreneurial experience and understanding required in a working and business environment.

It is a normal procedure by every university to have their own Professional Quality Management Standards to monitor of their operation by its own constitution and Article of Incorporation in relation to their awards and recognition. This has been adhered by ECU with the assistance of UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), who are supervised to ISO 9001:2008. It is not compulsory in the USA that the government has to recognise all the universities but it has to have the legal formation with the licence to operate as a university and must have the approval of a respective State Governor Department. This how ECU is operating as Non Academic Professional Knowledge University of State of Delaware, USA.

ECU Founder’s belief is that Professional Hands-on Learning is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom and venture into new opportunities for Entrepreneurial success. When you see today’s market place, successful organisations such as APPLE, Virgin Group, Microsoft, Easy Jet and Facebook are young individuals that came up with these successful businesses with their hard work, not merely on academic achievements. Taking this into consideration, ECU came up with the mission to endorse such type of working individual with the certification as Work Based Professional Knowledge Qualification to confirm the professionalism and elevate to a recognise status. The ECU Executive Board of Governors experience confirms that we get our most imperative knowledge of education not through books but through our day to day hands on work input. Leaders are more powerful role models when they have wider experience behind them, rather than just learning from class room reading or university academic achievements.

The visionary and architect none other than Professor Emeritus Ralph Thomas who has come about with enamours mission to confer this unique award of Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial, due to the fact of implementing one of his doctoral thesis into action mode. His past experience and continuous learning gave him to rise up to the highest level in his working career, which he wish to share with other Hands on Working person who does not hold any academic paper recognition to rise up like himself. ECU’s Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications has to be earned by every individual.