The Founders and ExecutiveBoard of Governors and Trustees of ECU are very specific in relation to the concept PLAGIARISM.Due to ECU conferring Professional Knowledge Qualifications Internationally, the awarding board always expect their prospective candidates to submit reports, assignments or dissertation that is their own original work. The candidates have to be true to themselves and if they fail to be honest with their submission, they are simply cheating themselves.

It is made known to every one concerned that, if we come across with any evidence of plagiarism or irregularities in the documentation or the conduct of the examination is exposed or subsequent to the recommendation of the examiners, the Professional Awarding Board of ECU shall consider the matter very seriously as a breach of conduct and will definitely take disciplinary action all party concern. As a disciplinary procedure, the person concerned will be given a fair opportunity to submit comments in writing and may seek a further report from the examiners. If the awarding board is satisfied that there is a case to answer, it shall act as follows:

A. Where the person concerned remains a candidate of the university, the case shall be referred to the Executive Governor Management Council, who will review the merits of the case, with the assistance of the Professional Academic Panel and/or the Examiners/Assessors/Verifiers and where required additional professional support with relevant committees. The decision and comment shall be passed to the Disciplinary Implementation Committee. If the Executive Governor Management Council decides that disciplinary actions should not be taken, the matter will be returned to the Professional Awarding Board for their attention and necessary action they deem suitable.

B. Where the Professional Knowledge Degree has been conferred, the Professional Awarding Board may recommend that the person concerned should have the award re-submit further documentation to confirm the worthiness and may also recommend for further Oral examination be attended. Before making a formal recommendation to the Executive Governor Management Council, copies of all relevant documents and materials will be made available to the person concerned and give them the opportunity to comment in writing. Once the formal recommendation has been passed to the Executive Governor Management Council the concluding decision that has been taken shall be the final and university council should not be contested nor shall any attempt to contest the decision.

C. The Executive Governor Management Council wishes to make the recommendation to every applicant to be honest for themselves in order to gain this very valuable Professional Knowledge Qualification which they have gained which they truly deserve. Do not deprive yourself of such a great opportunity by committing unethical and unprofessional behaviour of plagiarism which will not get them far in their respective profession.