Am being a serious reader and having involved in taking forward Professional Body Qualifications in the sector Business, Accounting, Finance, Sales and Marketing Etc. This made possible to attended various Career Progress Development (CPD) programmes and seminars in my working life and I have conducted numerous events on Professional Occupational Workshops and Seminars. This gave me the option to associate with ECU’s Founders on a Professional Alliance in supporting the vision of Lifelong Occupational Blended Learning. ECU’s Objectives are to assist every working person with the opportunity in acquiring Professional Knowledge Ability Certification, taking into account of Hands on Work Learning into account to earn a creditworthy appreciation, to enrich professional status and to Progress Career Development.

This enriching policies, gave me the privilege to joint hands with ECU’s Gounder Trustees in taking forward in promoting ECU’s Professional Knowledge Certifications to those likemindedmyself in offering this unique recognition without additional academic theory learning, but fully focusing on everydayhands on work experience as the pathway to earn very valuable Professional Knowledge Learning Certification.
This Knowledge Ability Appreciation Certification will enhance the image of everyone who genuinely deserves this recognition for career progress.In this day and age most people seek to follow the traditional path of academic learning, which cost extremely high and time dedication to learn. But ECU’s Awarding Policies is in appreciation of day to day work experience and with Workshops and Seminars to ascertain the appropriate Knowledge Qualifications with respective major.

But no traditional awarding institutions who take into account of Work Learning to earn respective Credits units to progress in obtaining academic qualifications. Into day’s economic world, every prospective employers do expect minimum one to two years Hands on Experience with Academic Qualification Certification. This has become as 21st, Century employment policy. This why ECU and UK Commission of Consistent Learning (UKCCL) Assessment and Verification in conferring the appropriate Entrepreneurial Post Graduate Knowledge Qualifications. The Assessment and Verification Scheme of Affirmation for Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) or Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD). The UKCCL’s Quality Standards are executed to the equivalent level of QMS-ISO-9001:2008.

I have known the Founder/Visionary and the First Executive Governor General Prof. Ralph Thomas for over twenty-five years personally very well. He is a practical and hands on career driven person himself, who takes on any challenges on a positive note. He himself has been involved in UK Professional Body Management since 1988. In my opinion, he is a veteran and innovator of in the field of Professional Knowledge Qualifications.When we take into consideration the three important letters of ECU, it reminds us of Exceptional Career University and Entrepreneurial Coherent University. This will confirm to everyone what ECU represents. I wish to state to everyone that, ECU’s individuality in professional higher knowledge education. ECU considers that people are intellectually unique and some need formal classroom and scheduled activity. Others function more effectively with independent learning, which allows them to pursue their interest at their own pace. Each candidate at European Continental University (ECU) is expected to grow in areas of personal interest. The time needed to complete the requirements for a professional degree depends upon the candidates’ learning habits. Remember that ECU programmes are for mature and motivated adults and if utilised properly, you will have great success in earning your professional knowledge degree which you dearly deserve.
The Founder and his Board of Professional Academicians emphasizes that, ECU’s Professional Knowledge Qualifications have to be earned and are not given on a platter. Therefore, every candidate has to follow the rigid assessment procedures laid out by UKCCL to achieve their receptive qualifications. With this note, I welcome every prospective candidate to ECU for their individual success.