The ECU wish to be known as the University of Professional Knowledge Accreditation (UPKA) who is dedicated to evaluate, validate and certify the Hands on Work Experienced Skills of every matured licensed individuals who have gained through their lifelong learning and experience in any field Employment or Business.

The ECU’s Board of Trustees and Governors believes and seek the accreditation is to come from Affirmation, Approval and Acceptance of today’s Employers, Business Organisations and Professionals as their Qualification Is work oriented knowledge qualifications. This accreditation is more priority which will be the witness for the strength of ECU’s Professional Knowledge Qualifications.


ECU is proud to state here that they have pioneered the move from traditional textbook and classroom education, into Hands on Learning which will enable to gain the Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications based on what an individual candidate has achieved and experienced up until the point of approaching the ECU for their individual recognition to earn this very valuable recognition due to them.