ECU is a Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Degree awarding institution of USA in association with Consortium of Entrepreneurial and Administrators (CEA) of Great Britain as the Executive Management Trustees.The CEA is the parent and sole administrative management organisation supervising the entire operation of ECU, do declare the entire income and expenditure with their annual returns in Great Britain as being the Executive Trustees of ECU.To gain the ECU Qualification all candidates must complete the application and must submit all relevant supporting document as a scan certified documentation with the Specified Non-Refundable Registration Fee to the Bursary. On receiving this payment only, the university will forward the conditional offer letter. This stipulation will be adhering at all time by the university’s administration office. No debate will be entertained by the university officials. On finalising the award, balanced full payment must reach the UK-CCL Bursary to authorise the awarding board to proceed with the application. award that candidate seeks. Applicants must provide with the detailed CV and other supporting documentation as scan copy by. The fee structure which is agreed at the time of registration will be honoured on completion. It is advised to all candidates that all payment must be made directly to the university’s bursary CEA either by Bankers Draft or TT in the currency of UK Sterling. ECU qualifications are to be known as “Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge” as the awards are considered on Lifelong Occupational Blended Knowledge Learning.


It is hereby notified by Executive Board of Governors of ECU that, all prospective candidates before enrolling to gain a reputable Professional Knowledge Qualification from ECU, must have read and understood the Aim, Objective & Philosophy and Fee Chart of ECU. It is the total responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the ECU award is right for them and they have selected on their freewill after their own research. ECU will not be held any responsible of the candidate’s choice. Once the application is received from the candidate, it is confirming the irrevocable commitment and the entire awarding fee is payable. If for any reason candidate changes the decision, it is made clear that, no refund will be paid, and no debate will be entertained. ECU is administrated by CEA.An pportunity is offered by Bursary a reasonable Scholarship for appropriate candidates who has ability in supporting the Aim and Objective to gain this privilege of Scholarship.

Please make all payments payable to “CEA(Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators (CEA))” (Management & Operational Trustees) HSBC, 465, Bethnal Green Road, London E2 9QW