The Founder of European Continental University (ECU)is a visionary, whose entire mission is to give recognition and priority by reinforce the value of Professional Knowledge Degree as the contingency planning for the Third Millennium.Work Orientated Knowledge is vibrant in today’s extremely volatile economic climate as more employers are considering for applicants who can determine some work experience expertise with their conventional theory based academic qualifications.Taking this seriously as a Catch-22 situation, the ECU foundercame about with awarding Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications, as many non-academic work experienced individuals who cannot make progress, ata non-traditional university are considering taking on this challenge to confer them with appropriate paper recognition. This was very noticeable in the year of two thousand. This provoked the Founder of ECU to set forward an awarding institution to fill this massive gap. To this purpose the ECU founders came about with realistic methodology concept to take up the challenge in offering the Professional Knowledge Qualifications by way of a methodology for the matured licensed working individuals, whereby they can be accommodated as a professional by the employers, which in return will boost their image in the business world.

The ECU founders too come from the traditional orthodox educational route but the truth of the matter of today’s business world is that moderntraditional graduates have seen the valuable positive feature of ECU’s concept and they have come forward to pledge their allegiance to the ECU’s vision and mission which further reinforces the notion that the “Professional Knowledge Degree” is a binding and very important award which will shape up the future, whilst also rewarding the self-made entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. The emphasis from ECU’s founders is that,they do not confer qualifications, but rather encouragethe licensed working individuals to earn theirown Professional Certification by way of their Knowledge learned through their life long hands onwork experiences.

The Executive Governor General Prof. Ralph Thomas when consulting withtoday’s fresh graduates from Orthodox Universities who cannot find suitable jobs in the current economic climate,it confirms to him that their accomplishment of a traditional degree qualification does not meet the employer’s requirement of today. But they confirm that ECU qualifications are very valuable for today’s economic climate and gives their fullest support to the ECU’s vision and mission. This has enabled the Chairman of the Trustees, a young graduate, who has brought around many people to his way of thinking on the professional board since 2014. Thus the growth of ECU have improved tremendously.

The ECU Founders ask all licensed working individuals who do not have professional endorsement for their lifelong contribution in the working place while they have contributed to the economic world, to please join hands with ECU in order to get themselves recognized by gaining credit worthy Professional Knowledge Qualifications and get onto the professional bandwagon to project to the business world of today.