ECU’s main objective is to offer the opportunity with wide range of Work Oriented Blended Lifelong Occupational Learning Qualifications in giving out of box opportunity for matured working individuals to earn worthy Professional Lifelong Blended Occupational Professional Post Graduate Degree Qualifications to enhance their respective career prospects. After long deliberation, this innovative prediction came up with the incorporation European Continental University (ECU) in Staten of Delaware, USA. Due to the fact State Secretary Delaware Division accepted to incorporate as a Don Domicile, Online Blended Distance Learning Accredited Professional Lifelong Occupational University of State of Delaware, USA. ECU wishes to observe four guidelines & reasons for forming the university. First to unify the profession, secondly to provide continuing professional development, thirdly to act on behalf matured nonacademic working individuals and finally to offer the opportunity of with wide range of Professional Managerial Knowledge Ability Degree Qualifications to contribute to the Business Economy Globally.
None of us can afford to be contented about the professional services that we deliver; therefore, the guidelines are essential and applicable to ensure that appropriate Professional Quality Management Standards are implemented to earn credit worthiness. ECU was able to adhere to mission due to the fact of Two UK Awarding Institutions known to be 1981 The Corporation of Executives Administrators (CEA) and 1996 Assessors and Verifiers UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UKCCL). The two dedicated schemes of UKCCL known as Affirmation for Prior Experience Learning (APEL) and Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD). This specific scheme is executed to Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS 5001:2005) which to the International Standards of QMS:ISO- 9001:2008.This unique objective of ECU came up in working strongly with Employers and Business Enterprises to ensure that, every member of staff, who has the practical training and experience are essential components for business success. For further managerial enhancement to confer with Lifelong Knowledge Learning Ability Certification confirmation will elevate the image of the organization.