ECU’s Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Master or Doctorate is accepted internationally as a noteworthy, valuable, recognizable, PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD for the individual who has gained the acceptance as an Entrepreneur due to the contributions and knowledge achievements by way of success in a BUSINESS, PROFESSION OR EMPLOYMENT. Every candidate must meet the assessment, verification criteria laid out by UK-CCL as well as the procedures. In addition, they must attend several Viva Examinations to earn this Professional Knowledge Qualification.

To be eligible for the appropriate award such as for the Masters (MPE) Entrepreneurship , the applicant must have overall 15 Years Work Experience out of which a minimum of 5 years must be as a Senior Managerial Executive. For the Doctorate (DPE) Entrepreneurship , the applicant must have overall 25 years Work Experience out of which a minimum of 10 years should be in the position of Senior Chief Executive Person or Self Owning Business as a Chairperson. It is made abundantly clear that all the supporting documents should be forwarded to the UK-CCL on a Scan Soft Copies which should be attested by Practising Legal Professional, who should certify as true photocopies of original documents of the person concern. ECU’s awards are considered under the Learning Scheme of Lifelong Knowledge Learning, y taking into consideration of Work Learning & Academic Achievements.


This level is known and accepted as Professional Knowledge Excellence Business Entrepreneur. This is another unique recognition and endorsement conferred by Knowledge University ECU who are known to give prominence for Lifelong Learning individual to be known as an Excellence Entrepreneurs under the flagship as a unique Supremacy of Court of Arms. This is considered for any individual who has more than twelve years of Executive Managerial Exposure. It is a special and highly valuablerecognition, known as International Entrepreneurial Golden Excellence (IEGE) and any individual who has more than Six Years of Managerial Exposure can be known as Entrepreneurial Diamond of Asia (EDA) or Entrepreneurial Diamond of Middle East (EDME).These two special awards can be bestowed upon any individuals who does meet the required entry requirements


1) Submission of a detailed CV Synopsis with the explanation of Professional History and detailing the key achievements and speciality work experience. As this will determine the awarding path.

2) Respective Awarding Institution’s completed application form with One Passport Size Colour Photo and all other relevant supporting documents to confirm the award eligibility, which must be certified by non-relative practicing legal professional as true photocopies of the original.

3) Certified Scan Photocopies of Educational, Professional and Vocational Certification.

4) Certified Scan Photocopies of Recommendation, Gratification, Appreciation letters and Reference Letter confirming the suitability for the Lifelong Learning Professional Knowledge Awards.

5) Three Non-Relative Personal Professional Recommendations must be available for minimum of three Verbal Viva Consultations.