It is the ECU Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications, which can demonstrate the worthiness of an individual who has gained Hands on Experience, rather than traditional academic achievement for contribution to the betterment of society as a whole!


This unique award came about after immeasurable evaluation and deliberation by the Executive Board of Governors and Trustees along with the University Convocation Council (UCC) and Governor General Lifetime Achievement Award Committee (GGLAAC). In order to be eligible for the appropriate award such as For the Masters (MPE) Entrepreneurship, the applicant must have overall 15 years Work Experience out of which a minimum of 5 years must be as a Senior Executive. For the Doctorate (DPE) Entrepreneurship, the applicant must have overall 25 years Work Experience out of which a minimum of 10 years should be in the position of owning or heading a business as a Chair Person. It is made abundantly clear that the convocations will be held three times within a year in Asia, Middle East and Europe.


Individuality in any institution, business or organisation is necessary because people are intellectually unique. Some people need formal classrooms and scheduled activity. Others function more effectively with independent self-study, which allows them to pursue their interest at their own pace by hands on work experience. Each candidate at European Continental University (ECU) is expected to grow in areas of personal interest. The time needed to complete the requirements for a degree depends upon the candidates’ study plan and habits. Remember that ECU programmes are not for any School/College leavers, but it is focused on mature and motivated adults. If utilised properly, you will have great success in earning your professional knowledge entrepreneurial degree which you dearly deserve. Entrepreneurship is known to be starting a venture from scratch, which includes everything from idea conception, planning, execution and managing it to long term. ECU takes this accomplishment and converts it into a worthy credential by bringing to light their mission by awarding either a Master or Doctor of Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurship (PKE).

In today’s realistic economic condition, although many have been in their respective employment for many years without problems, their progress is stagnated due to the fact of not holding a paper endorsement of degree certification. This not only has given them a deadline for their career promotion but has also gone to the extent of losing their development path. Therefore, ECU is the alternative pathway to compensate this potential loss. At this juncture, the Executive Board of Governors emphasize these awards need to be earned by every individual, rather than awarded. Secondly, every candidate has to meet the assessment, verification criteria as well as the procedures. In addition they must attend a number of Viva Examinations to earn this Professional Knowledge Qualification. Keeping to this vision, ECU came up with the Entrepreneurship award as a valuable recognition and endorsement of the highest order to be known as the Master or Doctor of Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurship (PKE) award.

A feasibility study has shown that Professional Entrepreneurial Master or Doctorate is accepted internationally as a worthy, valuable, recognizable, PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE AWARD for the individual who has gained the acceptance as an entrepreneur due to their contributions and achievements by way of success in a BUSINESS, PROFESSION OR EMPLOYMENT. The Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurship (PKE) USA award ratifies life achievements and enriches to a Professional Status which every working person deserves. It should be understood that, it is not merely an endorsement, but an appreciation for the individual who has contributed their entire working talent not just for personal achievement, but to benefit the whole society with many opportunities, such as economic growth, jobs openings, better facilities and a good atmosphere for people to work and live in. This unique award came about after inexhaustible evaluation and deliberation by the Executive Board of Governors and Trustees along with the University Convocation Council (UCC) and Governor General Lifetime Achievement Award Committee (GGLAAC) to offer this highest Professional Entrepreneurial with the Emphasis on the specialty of achievements by ECU from January 2014. Professional Knowledge Qualifications is an ongoing learning concept.

The European Continental University (ECU) is an investor in people who are dedicated in facilitating and promoting the Work Experienced Individuals in gaining an acceptable Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Master and Doctorate Degree Qualification. It is not a USA or UK Traditional Red Brick University Qualification, but ECU is an International Non-Profit Distance Learning Private Knowledge University committed to elevate every working individual who can demonstrate of their Knowledge, Experience & Life Learning, which can be transformed to an International Professional Knowledge Degree Qualification. ECU provides professional ground-breaking awards to their candidates via their dedicated professional methods of assessment and verification schemes through excellent Oral Examinations, Workshops/Seminars and collaboration with interdisciplinary and community based partnerships with institutions and training centers internationally. ECU enforces their dynamic by UK-CCL’s 5001:2005 Professional Quality Management Standards (PQMS 5001:2005) laid down by UK-CCL in preparing the graduates to provide professional services in a diverse manner to the global society to enhance human resources and to foster life-long learning and work experiences as the vital method for today’s economic world.


ECU has adopted a range of professional quality assessment assurance procedures designed to ensure that its practices meet high quality management standards and ECU’s distinctive vision is sustained. To this effect ECU’s Executive Governing Board has given the full authority and responsibilities to UK- Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), who are dedicated themselves, as an institution specialised for Assessment and Verification. ECU as a Professional Knowledge University, believes that professional quality assurance is fundamentally important and by using an external establishment who will be responsible for maintaining and carrying out the professional quality assurance processes will give the assurance to the candidates of the value of the professional knowledge qualification. This responsibility is exercised by ECU and UK-CCL at all times.

As many know the value and importance of becoming approved, the world renowned International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) is the only professional quality assurance system recognised by the intergovernmental agreement between 148 different countries, and is based on the principles of stakeholder satisfaction and continual improvement through quality management systems. Many universities around the world have implemented the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2000 standard, and the ISO encourages institutions to adopt the standards in both self-certification and external audit processes. ECU is proud to nominate UK –Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) as their independent assessors, examiners and verifiers for all their awards. UK-CCL has this approval from the ISO with the Standards and Guidelines of BS-EN-9001:2008 with certification number GB-14390. All the candidates are assessed under the following scheme of Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL), which has been developed and implemented by UK-CCL. ECU’s Awards Are Accompanied by UK-Professional Body’s Eminent Certified Membership. The ECU Founders make a plea to all licensed working individuals who do not have professional endorsement for their lifelong contribution to the economic world, to come forward and join hands with ECU in order to get them recognized through gaining credit today with a worthy Professional Knowledge Qualification that these Individuals Deserve.


Come and Join Hands with ECU for a Worthwhile
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